You’ve dreamt of this day for forever, but now you’re unsure of where to start - we totally understand! Amelia Cole can help you hone in on your vision while building the perfect budget to make it all happen. We’ll use our stylish-sense and knowledgeable expertise to find you the vendors needed to make this dream of yours really come true! We’re not done yet… we’ll be there day of too, handling the execution and production of a well-designed timeline, so that all you have to do is meet your soul mate at the end of the aisle (and dance until your feet hurt). We promise there is no need to worry - we’ve got this covered!



Okay, so you’re a little ahead of the game…. but you just love working as a team as much as we do! We’re here to help with the steps that haven’t been met yet. If you’re in need of a girlfriend who has all of the best professional wedding advice and insight - then you’ve found your match! Let us assist with the rest. We can tie all of the loose ends (including your bustle) and make sure every moment up to the day is effortlessly scheduled, planned, designed and executed day of. Can’t wait to get started!


Wow, you go! You’ve got this all figured out. The only thing left to do is to make sure that all of your hard work goes just as you’ve planned it to… and that’s where we come in! Vendor communication, timeline creation and execution are our favorite and should be left up to us. Your only responsibility is to make sure your wedding day (and night) is the most memorable - let us do the running around!